Recollections of the Time before Birth

My Journey from Heaven to Earth

My Journey from Heaven to Earth

Mandy: I’ve always had these memories. As a tiny child I told those closest to me.

My memory of what I will call “Heaven” is very simple. I was looking down at planet Earth from somewhere that felt like Home. I can’t remember seeing anything around me. I was far enough from Earth that I could see the whole planet, but near enough to see the oceans and the landmasses. I was very aware that that was where I would be going.

There was somebody just to my left, a loving and authoritative figure, and I’ve always felt it was God. He felt higher as if I were sitting and he was standing. He was talking to me without words. He told me, “You are about to be born on earth.”

I understood what he meant as though I had done this before.

It was like a briefing, but done with sensitivity and love. I felt I was leaving for a mission.

I asked, “What do I have to do?”

He said, “You will know when you find it.”

As a toddler and for many years after, I would lie in my bed and place the palm of my hand against the cold wall (no central heating then). I did this because I didn’t feel properly locked into my body, as if a door had been left ajar. I didn’t mind the cold wall against my hand because it made me feel grounded and more at one with my body and planet Earth.

I am 47 now and through many life experiences, many of which are spiritual stories of their own, I am growing spirituality and know that one day I will be going back there, back Home.

Kirk: I was in this super bright room that seemed endless. There was a voice talking. I told him I wanted to be born around this time and said I wanted this lady to be my mother.

He told me that it was going to be tough growing up during that time with her.

I agreed because I wanted to be put to the test and be born as a male. I was born in 1989.

James: I recall being in a great light white area surrounded by what I will call baby souls. We were waiting in line to go down to our parents.

The larger soul next to me reminded me as I was ready to ‘pop’ down to Earth, “You will not be living your life with the mother you were looking at, but I promise that you will be very happy with where you are ultimately going.”

I felt very sad. I jumped down after he tapped me on the right shoulder.

I went down fully knowing I wasn’t going to remain with the lady who gave birth to me.

I am adopted and I knew before my birth that I was going to be with another set of parents.

LeaAnn: I remember coming down through a tunnel of colors, like a rainbow of colors.

Within seconds of reaching the base of the tunnel, I was taken back up through the rainbow of colors, back to what felt like home or love.

Then again, I was taken back down through the tunnel.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my mother told me that I had been stillborn, then revived.

Tom: When I was 2 or 3, I would randomly speak about my prebirth memories.

I told Mom: “I was watching you and I knew you were going to be my mother. I was with Jesus in the corner of the kitchen. I saw you and a mean man yelling at my older brother and sister.

“I asked Jesus, ‘Is he going to be my father?’ and he replied, ‘No, I am going to make him go away and you will have a different father.’”

As it turned out, my mother had 2 children in an abusive first marriage. Mom remarried and I am the only one of my siblings with a different father.


Was your birth a conscious choice?

Was your birth a conscious choice?

The soul’s journey to find its true nature is the quest of human life.

Throughout the ages, philosophers such as Socrates argued: “We have clear evidence that the soul is immortal.”
Today, the same message is coming from rare people with prebirth memories. Their memories validate the immortality of the soul.

Here are a few examples of prebirth memories:

Candis: I remember my prebirth experience. I remember before I was here. I was in another place. My job as a being was to tend to the people on earth as though I was tending to a flock.

There came a point when I was told, “You must go to earth and inhabit a body!”

I said, “I don’t want to go to earth. I have seen what is going on there and I do not want to be a part of it!”

“Don’t worry. One day you will return home.”

The next thing I knew I was inside of my mother. I felt very apprehensive. The voice said, “Whenever you are afraid, remember this sound (my mother’s heart beat). It is a reminder that you will return home and all is well.”

My mother later informed me, “When you were born, you came shooting out without any assistance from me or anyone else. I caught you by your cord and lowered you to the floor from my hospital bed so that you would not get hurt.”

When I was 2, I recall sitting on the back steps of my neighbor’s house crying and begging, “I want to go home now!”

The voice said, “You are in the world, but you are not of this world. I will seal you so that nothing that happens in this world will ever touch you and you will return to me.”

I barely spoke after that. I became like wall paper in my own life. I was a part of it, but no one really saw me.

I have always had an insight into the future from early childhood. People were drawn to me and often said that a light surrounds me. In my late teens, people described the light as thick like molasses and when you came close it would consume you.

One day when I was in my teens, I quit college, quit my job, cut off all of my hair, and committed my life to becoming a missionary. My mission was to spread a simple message, “God is Love.”

I could not understand why everyone did not understand that we are here to spread love. That time was the best and scariest time of my life. I had become so in tuned with my purpose that people sought me out and a whole lot of strange things occurred that frightened me.

One of the strangest things is that people wanted to touch me believing the light around me would transfer to them. People followed me seeking prayers, healing, and answers to distressing life questions.

By my early twenties, this became overwhelming. I was bombarded everywhere I went. Eventually I began to hide because it was too much. I tried to stop my visions and spoke less and less about things I knew and understood about the world. Because of this my dream life became more vivid and left me disoriented. Unable to distinguish from the dream and this reality.

I had many near death experiences where I would have a vision of my deceased grandmother. One time she told me, “You cannot leave due to the situation you are experiencing. The repercussions would be too far reaching.”

After I had my first two children, I had visions of walking through a wooded area to a river where I met women who had gone on before me and were waiting for me. I sat with them and they imparted wisdom about the world and the hereafter. I carried this wisdom into my waking life.

A few years ago I stopped hiding and now work within my purpose. I create art that encourages people to look deeper into themselves and this life. It has become commonplace that when I showcase my work at various art events, I end up embracing someone who is crying because they have received a revelation about their way forward through my work and our conversation. The response has been a bit odd but I am enjoying every minute of it.

It has been easy and extremely hard living this life while simultaneously remembering and interacting with my other life. It’s like I live in two worlds. Each of them are real. In one, I am limitless. In the other, I am confined to a vessel designed to protect my essence.

Bev: My soul journey began at Source. I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light. I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star.

I clearly remember stars whizzing by, but there was no sensation of movement as we know it as humans. There was no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat. You just were. . . . pure energy . . . surrounded by comfort and ease. . . . wonderful. I haven’t a clue as to “when” that was. There was no time associated with that because there was no space. Space did not mean anything. You just were.

Diane: All my life I’ve remembered having an important conversation before I was born. I asked my mom about it as soon as I could talk. Mom didn’t know what I was talking about.

I can’t remember what the conversation involved, but I know it was important [“soul contract”]. I’ve spent my whole life trying to remember. I’m still hoping one day it will come to me.

Sonia: I remember before my birth. Like only a few minutes before my birth. I felt like I was floating in this huge expanse wrapped up in complete and utter love and peace. I haven’t felt that again but one more time since being here.

The voice next to me said, “It’s your time.” I felt extremely excited. I was so ready.

I remember small bits of my young childhood. I remember seeing my mom getting the stroller out to walk and I felt so excited because I loved that.

It took years to use my voice to talk (sometimes I still forget). I assume people know what I am thinking and my sentences don’t make sense because I only partially spoke what I want to say. I remember knowing the thoughts of others and when we didn’t need to verbalize. So much easier.

I remember floating to play with other children. So much fun. It all stopped after I was 3.

We are born with a knowing and using intuition as our guide. I don’t hear voices or have help from beyond. It is up to me, but I always knew that God existed and I knew I loved him.


The Sun is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe.

The Sun is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe.

The Sun is a portal.

It is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe. It is an exit point when we journey from Earth at the time of death. It is the entry point to Earth when our soul arrives for human birth.

We illustrate here with 2 examples.

First, the spiritual vision of Janice.

Janice: I am an Empath and have always been.
I FEEL ENERGY even during a phone conversation.
Thoughts and emotions are overwhelming for me when I’m in someone’s presence.

Children are my passion! They know how to live. I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and a great granddaughter on the way.

I would rather be sitting in the middle of a bunch of children anytime than with the adults. Children move me the most. They are our future and we must guide them well. Love them more than they can IMAGINE.

The child in me has always KNOWN that I was on a mission: Being Love. Being Light. Helping others with no expectations. Being present in the moment, responding to help others with no fear.

On the other hand, I knew no one else like me. I didn’t fit in. I never did. I knew that I was different. All my life, the adults were trying to change me. I could not conform to their idea of who I was supposed to be. How I saw and viewed the world was different from everyone else.

Even though I knew there was nothing wrong with me, sometimes I became TIRED—TIRED OF SEARCHING for the Truth of Life. One night about 25 years ago, I asked God to show me the Truth. I had searched every religion and nothing fit. I was sobbing my soul out.
and felt like just leaving the planet. Just leaving my body. But I did not want to leave this planet without knowing the truth.


God answered my prayer. I’m crying here, feeling powerful emotions in rememberance of the profound validation that I was given.

I was gifted with a special vision. This was a vision of my future—I had finished this life and had left this planet.

I went straight to the Sun. I went through the Sun. It was not hot, rather the Sun is a Portal of Glowing Golden Light.

As I came through the portal, there was some kind of a rim. I was tired and stumbled a bit as I stepped over the rim.

Inside was this beautiful world and my mother and father—my parents in this lifetime—were there waiting for me with open arms.

I gasped and told them, “I made it. I did it!”

All I felt was Love and the Vision ended. I knew then that I would succeed and return Home. At Peace.

And I was just a little girl in that vision.

The morning after my vision, the Door Opened and Opened Wide.

I stepped out with no fear and my life changed completely.
I was guided to my roots: Cherokee. I studied with the Great Great Grandson of Geronimo, an Apache Holy Woman, and a Seneca Medicine Man. I met Indigious Medicine People from all over the world. I was guided every step of the way.

I am so thankful and grateful to be alive, awake, and aware at this Time on the Planet!

Second example is from a great spiritual master from India:

Each time we descend to earth and are born in the womb of our mothers, we carry awareness of our soul’s journey. Or so claimed, the Indian guru and physician Thakur Anukulchandra (1888—1969), based upon his prebirth memories.

Here are all the details. Thakur:

I recall how a prime point let itself explode into millions of hyper atoms. Each hyper atom then burst into millions of supra-hyper atoms resulting in an uncut indivisible physically inconceivable point. I witnessed that ultimate point – the Cosmic Soul – create an infinity of beings out of itself like thousands of sparks coming from a fire. The souls were destined to live through a series of lives so long as they remained subject to the illusion of personal individuality.

From the beginning of Creation until my present life, my ego passed through various phases prior to being encaged in a living body, last of all human.

My chain of human births include a cobbler, prince, and spiritual seeker.

In the gap between each death and rebirth, I felt empathy for family members whom I watched grieving for me.

I dwelled in an undefined higher region prior to my present life. My journey to Earth involved traveling through a yet undiscovered system of celestial constellations.

I traversed a vast distance in space, passing through 44,000 planets. While our planets rotate around the Sun, I observed that lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of suns rotate around a bigger sun.

I also proceeded through a former planet that had split into pieces, and observed a planetary system yet to be discovered by science.

Still fresh in my memory is the strange behavior of a unique constellation – a central star surrounded by four other stars. The four stars appeared red when they approached the central star and turned blue when they moved away through a principle known to science as the Doppler Effect.

En route to Earth, I stopped at various planets where celestial beings welcomed me with a grand ovation. Each planet had unique life forms suited to their atmospheres, unlike any found on Earth. I felt a pang of separation as the planetary beings chanted hymns in my praise as I departed from their planet.

I finally arrived in our solar system by coming through a ray of light and descending into the Sun. I was not burnt to ashes. The Sun’s interior is very cold, the heat is on its surface.

Just think, I descend from inside the sun by a track. If one takes the track from here, would see pitch darkness just on the left and on the right, not right, rather diagonally he would see light only. He would witness 44,000 planets on the way, one of which is split into pieces.

Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that!

Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that!

Dennis: Prebirth memories have been with me my entire life. I always felt homesick, the feeling of knowing I had had to leave wherever I was before birth and come to earth.

My memories go back to floating alongside a wise guide and observing the earth. I heard the “pleas” coming from people on earth who needed help!

I said, “These people can help themselves!”
It was like “if they only knew what happens after death they would be happier and live there lives different” type feeling, it felt like the pleas were happening in real-time just before I was born.

My guide said, “Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that. Every human on this planet needs to know something very important before they can ascend completely.”

“Why don’t you just send someone to earth who remembers this place, and he can tell everyone?”

“They have attempted that. Humans cannot fully believe the word of one man.”

I did not want to come. I was forced here to learn a lesson.

My guide gave me a choice of a hard or easy life. The harder the life, the more growth my soul would make.

By choosing a hard life, my guide and I were aware of the implications and consequences: there was a real possibility of failing.

So, I refused to choose.

“I will be homesick. I do not want to leave”

“It will only be for 60 to 70 years. When you sleep, you can visit ‘home.’”

My Guide showed me my parents at their wedding. I remember a drunken uncle falling into the wedding cake (verified years later).

When my guides were showing me my future, that future was like forecasting weather, very accurate in the near future, but things are less set in stone the farther out you look.

My guides said there’s some type of “fork in the road” moment for humanity and I believe that’s coming very soon. I had this strange feeling right before covid hit and I told my sister, “something big is coming in the world!”

Then 2 months later covid got mentioned on TV for the first time. Covid-Ukraine— these are going to be precursors to some event. I can feel it in a strange way that I was put here to experience it.

Charlie: A group of advanced guides said to me, (telepathy) “Hurry up, its your turn. This is the last chance!”

I wanted to wait more, but I had to go.

My guides were surrounding a type of floating sphere. I reluctantly obeyed and went to them.

I looked down and remember the feeling of the word “mother.”
I thought, “Oh, this is sad. But I have to do this to get where I ultimately want to be.”

I felt okay with it. I knew this was one of many times, and hopefully this time would be better. Then I went fast via light—like being downloaded (probably to my body).

I have complete conscious awareness of infancy and knew that I could not walk or talk yet.

One time I was in my crib and I was wet and cold. I had to get the attention of my parents who were still strangers that I had to get to know.

I forced myself to cry. When Dad came into my room, I thought, “Oh, no! I wanted the other one. She knows what to do better!”

Dad merely came in and rubbed my head. I thought, “If you would only change my diaper, I would go right back to sleep!”

We have many lives. How else could I as an infant have fully formed adult-type thinking? I was under 8 months old when that happened. I confirmed my memory with Dad when I was 4. I described my bedroom as an infant. Dad was astounded. We had moved out of that home when I was 8 months old. I had never seen pictures of it.

Angela: I was excited to be born here. My guides and I were discussing my birth plan. Then they urged me to go immediately.

I didn’t know what I was diving into. It was like I jumped into a hole that seemed too small and when I came out on the other side, I was descending onto the earth. And it was beautiful. I was excited to get started and see more of the world.

Before birth, I chose my rate of suffering!

Before birth, I chose my rate of suffering!

Marcus: I have had these memories since I was child. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. I have always felt like I was the only one who had witnessed the entrance of life through a portal warp hole. It blows my mind every time I think about it.

So here’s what I remember:

I remember being around a table like portal-type thing with a few light beings dressed in robes. This place was amazing. We could feel and hear one another without touching or speaking. We were all talking, but not with lips or words, only with “mind spirit”. We were all there to basically be born: to have an experience, but an experience of suffering.

Some went ahead of me; then it was my turn.

I was asked to choose my rate of suffering. I had 3 options.

1. “slow” rate where bad things happen throughout life.

2. “medium” rate where more than half of my life would be suffering and rest would be less suffering.

3. “fast” meaning that the rate of suffering will hit me the day I’m born at super fast mode and my life will get better faster once I awaken.

I told them, “Just bring it on full force!”

I was born to a 16-year-old girl and my father was 19!

I remember being in the womb. It was a comforting place until it was time to come out. I decided to flip. I don’t think I was ready and I flipped because I got scared. I got tangled up and they almost lost me. Maybe that was the beginning of my suffering.

Being born was very bright and loud. I was very red and my mom said, “You were pissed off.”

My mom was adopted. My adopted grandparents got divorced. The day I was born, Joyce, my mom’s adopted mother, knew my mom needed help, but she kicked us out of the house.

My dad was Native American and began to sell marijuana to help support us. He gave my mom a little money.

Soon after that, my father began selling marijuana to undercover. He got caught and locked up.

Dad passed a week before my first birthday. They say he committed suicide. No one knows why. But in his last letter, he explained that some people in jail were bothering him.

My wonderful adopted grandfather Richard moved my mom and me to a small government assistance town after Dad passed.

When I was 3, my mom had to step out on her own. She moved in with JoAnn, a girlfriend from school. Jo wasn’t a good person. Mom never paid attention to me after that. Jo took advantage of me in a bad way. Jo beat me and poisoned me. She forced me to swallow dish detergent. This went on for 2 years.

I tried to tell Mom, but I couldn’t say it. I became sick and didn’t want to eat. Mom noticed that I was sick, but didn’t know what it was. When I was coming up to my fifth birthday, I was in a state of not wanting to live and not feeling loved.

If it wasn’t for my maternal birth grandmother Laura, I wouldn’t have known anything about churches, Jesus, or spiritual things. Grandma was a spiritual person and taught me to pray to the North Star. Laura really cared. She showed me how to take care of a farm and how to wash dishes.

She was the only woman who tried to step up and help me. So I paid attention to anything she showed me. Every time I stayed with her, I usually went to church. Grandma Laura told me: “If you ever need anything, pray for it and it will come true.”

Grandma Laura and Grandpa Nels were my favorite people. I felt at home with them and loved how they lived on a farmhouse. Grandma Laura didn’t eat meat and was a vegan.

Because of what she taught me, I offered many prayers. One night I offered my prayer on my worst day ever and that’s when I got an answer!

I sent out a prayer to the North Star that had so much meaning. I gave it all up and said, “If this is life, I do not want to live anymore. There is no point. I know what to expect the next day: pain and suffering!

Please take me away!”

Then the “Mother” appeared. She started off as a bright light. Then she came into focus like coming from the sky.

I was scared, but soon an overwhelming energy and light comforted me.

The Mother looked like light shades of light to show figure of face. Golden curls. Many light angels were flying around her. Baby Angels. She seemed to wear a robe or dress. The center of her was very bright. Everything was flowing with energy.

I was told: “Everything will be all right. We will make things better.”

For a week this energy source continued to speak to me and even though I wanted to leave earthly life with them, they said. “It isn’t your time and you are destined to do greatness.”

I was given three miracle wishes. I asked first for the death of my mother’s girlfriend Jo who abused me.

They laughed and said, “It doesn’t work that way.” They weren’t able to take life. They were only able to give life.

I asked for money. They said they couldn’t do that because money wouldn’t solve anything and it is an evil that they don’t associate with – meaning materialistic items.

I asked, “What can I wish for?”

They said: “Love, family, and happiness.”

I said, “I would like a family with three or four kids who love me forever and no matter what with a great wife and a wonderful life.”

They said, “Done!”

I asked, “How will I know?”

They said, “Follow the clues of life.”

That was the last day I was sad.

This energy source held me every time they visited and on the last day I felt my spirit being pulled through the ceiling when they started to ascend, but the ceiling started to feel more solid and I fell back down to my body.

Before birth I had chosen great suffering until I became awakened. After my first spiritual awakening, from the age of 5 on out, the rate of suffering became less intense. Jo who had been abusing me finally got kicked out of my life and things got better with my mom. She paid more attention to me although I still never saw her much since she was always working and I was at a babysitter’s.

In the past every person I got close to eventually died, but when I met my spiritually-gifted wife, things got better. Today we have three children. I’m grateful. Our fourth child, my third son, passed away.

I have had a second spiritual awakening and I’m now on my correct path. I am a Reiki healer and teaching my children as well. I have also been working to figure out my past lives.

Evidence of Life before Birth

Evidence of Life before Birth

Do we choose our parents before birth? Does reincarnation really exist? Is there a prebirth state of consciousness? Is it possible to experience soul communication from the womb and beyond?

Elizabeth and Neil Carman join Sandie Sedgbeer to discuss these questions and share pre-birth memories from children and adults:

Listen in:

Elizabeth and Neil  have spent more than 40 years researching consciousness. Elizabeth is a certified pre and perinatal psychology educator with an honorary PhD for prebirth research. Neil has taught biology and the science of consciousness at the University of Texas, Austin. They are the authors of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.

Cosmic Cradle shares over 100 pre-birth stories from people we interviewed as well as reports from 108 cultures.

Cosmic Cradle is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. Book Depository ships free worldwide.

“God spoke me into existence.”

Derrick recalls specific, confirmed details of his time as a fetus and earlier...

Derrick’s most profound memory is being in a disembodied state prior to birth surrounded by a BEING of bright, golden light.

Derrick recalls a Divine Being who cradled and caressed Derrick’s soul in his massive hands.

“His voice was deep, strong and powerful, yet gentle and loving.” Derrick felt peace and love. Spirit bodies of other babies about to be fit with an earthly body were swirling around this powerful Being.

The Great Being placed Derrick on his shoulder as if showing him something. Then he took him into his hands before Derrick fell backwards down a dark tunnel.


Diving Into My Body

"What a strange, separate place this is!" Part of our job on Earth is to recall and reaffirm our sense of Oneness, connection to All That Is.

“It was clear to me this was ‘now where I was’ – like, I knew it was a new reality or life experience – but I was still shocked to learn how separate things were here!” 

Yes, we realize pretty early on how separate we are from everyone else here…usually so early that we can’t recall it ever being different.

Part of our purpose here is to reconnect and reintegrate into the “bigger picture” of universal oneness.


Is the Newborn Baby a Blank Slate?


In her books, Dutch author, Sylvia Lucia, shares her spiritual development from infancy including pre-birth memories and memories of the Spheres. Here is an excerpt in English from Sylvia’s first book White Sun Garden Nostalgia:


During my life I often had special experiences that I would like to share with those who show an interest in my story.

As a child I never mentioned it and, with the benefit of hindsight, I am glad I did not. Maybe I knew, deep inside me, that I should not relinquish my ‘secret’ because as a child I could not have coped with the response I am getting now.


I remember life before birth

I remember life before birth

Nora: I have a memory of pre-life. Anytime I tried to tell anyone about it, they thought I am crazy or it was just a dream. But this memory never felt like a dream.

I remember what felt like flying but not with wings, just very fast forward movement through space as an energy form. I heard beautiful music and saw colored lights/energy as I was moving/flying through space. I was at peace.

Then I saw earth from space and said, “Oh, how beautiful!” I was so impressed. It took my breath away. I came to a sudden stop because I could not take my gaze away from it— like I was in a trance.

I knew that I was going to go there, but I don’t remember if I choose this or how it happened.

I have clear memory of another being, a guide, speaking to me with a deep male voice, powerful and loving.

I complained that I didn’t want to look the way I was going to look. I asked for a different body. He told me, almost like he was annoyed, “It must be like this. Don’t you understand/remember why?”

Like a child who did not get what they wanted, but knows better, I told him, “I understand why, but I am not happy about it.”

I was also embarrassed for complaining. I did not want him to be mad or disappointed in me. I felt like this being was a little annoyed with me for complaining, but relieved/happy that I seemed to understand why it had to be this way.

At the time, I think that I did understand, but I cannot remember now why it mattered. I wish I could!

I sped so fast toward earth as a light/energy form feeling so excited. If I had a body, I would have been smiling ear to ear. I was full of joy and anticipation and gratitude.

I remember clearly thinking/saying, “I am going to rock this!”as if I knew I had a purpose or mission that I felt so confident in achieving and that I was so ready for.

But now I have no idea what that mission is/was.

My last part of the memory was diving and entering so fast into earth and so much bright white light that it blocked out my vision. Then boom, everything else is faded/gone from my memory.

Sometimes when life gets really low and I am struggling at my worst, I feel a strong desire for my guide’s comfort or direction, almost like being homesick, but it is not a place I am missing—it is my guide.

I will beg for a sign or just comfort, “Please tell me why. Why are things the way they are? What am I supposed to be doing?”

I don’t know what this my memory is, but it is so crazy/cool that others have similar memories of seeing earth before birth and conversing with other beings/guides.


Yuliya: I can’t explain my memory. It has not disappeared over the years. I have remembered my entire life. I am 30 years old. When I was a child, I told my mom about my memory. she told me, “This is called a dream.”

I remember being in a special place, all white, and brightness everywhere. I was with a crowd of children playing together. We knew something amazing was going to happen and we each waited for our turn.

Finally it was my turn. A gentle adult man greeted me. I left my friends knowing that we would meet again someday and continue our game.

The man showed me a sort of a table with window. Through that portal, I could see a blue ball (earth).

He gave me 2 choices.

1. I could be born in a place where I would have everything I need. It would be a “normal” life. It sounded very boring.

2. The second choice was to be born in a different place on the same planet. He told me, “This life won’t be easy; it will be difficult, but you can cross the wide water and there you can do something really great.”

He did not tell me more details and I was not looking for more details. Just the fact that I would do something great excited me.

And I know the decision that I made.

Next I remember the light of a lamp. It might have been the light in the hospital where I was born. That memory stayed in my mind.

In my life, I have made a lot of diverse choices. I knew in advance that some were not going to work because my destiny was not in those places.

Finally I chose to cross the ocean. My life has not been easy, but it is not at all boring! I still don’t know what is meaning of accomplishing something “great.” Am I am already doing it? I do things great, but is this the greatest?

I have an impression, that once I finally do it, I can leave this life with no problem at all!


Alyssa: I remember floating in space and looking down on the Earth. I was in space with other beings waiting in line. I didn’t understand what we were waiting in line for.

I say beings because I can’t explain what they looked like. They did not look human.

I was greeted by a guide who simply said, “You’re next” and I slowly started moving to the Earth.

I don’t remember anything past that.

I always thought it was a dream until I realized it felt too real to be a dream. I researched it and I found people with similar memories and a few were exactly like mine. That completely freaked me out.

I still don’t understand how I can remember something like that when I can’t remember what I ate for dinner the previous night lol.


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