Are we Born by Choice?

Are we born by choice?  Can those who have NDEs REVIEW their pre-birth plans?Do we get to choose aspects of our Earthly lives before birth – from what sort of people our parents will be, to having certain experiences along the way? 

Is there any evidence to support that we design our lives ahead of time like someone putting together a stage production – choosing actors, settings, plot points, etc?

Let’s look at evidence from Near Death Experiences (NDEs) of people who say they reviewed the Pre-Birth Planning stage of their life when the veil was lifted their NDE:

DeLynn suffered with cystic fibrosis, an incurable genetic disease. When he shook hands with death, the Heavenly Father explained, “You have suffered as much pain in thirty-seven years as a normal person in seventy-six years. You chose your disease and the amount of pain you would be willing to suffer when you were in a pre-mortal state.”

DeLynn had doubts until he agreed to go back in time to when he made his pre-birth decision.

He witnessed himself in a classroom with an instructor teaching accountability, responsibility, and pain. According to the teacher, difficulties are like the irritating piece of sand needed to form the pearl inside the oyster.

Souls can move slowly through life and learn small lessons or advance fast via pain and disease.

DeLynn saw himself volunteer to experience cystic fibrosis. He accepted the challenge to learn dignity in suffering, to overcome the obstacles of a physical ailment, and strengthen himself.

After the review, DeLynn agreed to return to Earth and teach accountability and responsibility to others.

DeLynn could now emotionally handle his illness even though he was unable to control the physical deterioration. His life review spurred him to regard himself as “a privileged participant” who had accepted a brief, yet marvelous life, rather than the life of a victim.

Elane represents another NDEr who re-experienced her pre-birth choices. Elane’s NDE followed a stroke precipitated by a brain tumor.

Elane witnessed herself before birth as she toured the spirit world with a Guide who explained: “Earth is a place where Souls learn lessons faster than anywhere else. The disabled learn endurance and how to receive help; the wealthy learn lessons of service, sharing, and unconditional love by assisting the disadvantaged.”

Elane then flashbacked to a second pre-birth scene: a novice Angel in training was questioning Elane’s choice to experience two physical crises and a miraculous healing.

The senior Angel explained to the immature Angel, “These events are special tutors. They hasten spiritual progress.”


Similar to DeLynn and Elane who “reviewed” their Pre-Birth Planning decisions, Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth shares interviews with people having “natural” pre-birth memories who “previewed” their pre-birth choices.


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