When we die, do we go back to where we were before we were born?

Beverly calls the soul’s evolutionary journey an open-ended schoolhouse program of remembering who and what we are so that we can experience ourselves as the little god that we are.

Beverly is a mother, clairaudient, clairvoyant who hears and talks with angels and sees visions of the past and future. Beverly’s memory and consciousness extend back long before conception. In fact, Beverly recalls previous human lives as well as the heavenly life between each earthly life.

People tell me to call myself a mystic, but that is a big word for somebody who I think is so ordinary. I am a Mom who pays bills, goes grocery shopping, gets my teeth filled just like everyone else. I am just a being who is living the most of me I know how and I haven’t even got warmed up yet. Nor have most of us on the planet, but we are working on it.

Beverly’s “continuous conscious memory” extends back to the moment when she was created as an individual spark of God.

Her soul then became “encapsulated in different human forms, cultures, times, and places” in order to learn different lessons of perception and awareness. She has always been the same person with the same consciousness, personality, insecurities, and confidences who has simply matured “like a child growing up.”

And I remember the in-betweens. They are just as tangible as the “heres” [earthly lives]. They are another form of being that is not squashed together in such a small package. Because when you are “there” and not currently occupying a shell, a package – I call it the kleenexes because they come and go – we do not lose or change anything about ourselves except our fear. Fear is a function of survival incorporated in the humanness of our bodies.”

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