Why do Babies Cry At Birth?

A child remembers walking with Jesus before birth.

A toddler recalls being with Jesus before conception, choosing his mother, and his journey to earth.

Christel: “When my son Dylan was three years old, he began to share pre-birth memories of walking with Jesus in the clouds. Dylan said he watched me and told Jesus that I was the one.

“At first I thought, ‘This is just a little one with a big imagination.’

“Then Dylan started to tell me things that were facts: details of what it looks like in the womb and what he experienced during womb-time.

“Dylan said, ‘Everything had an almost orange-brown tint and it was warm water.’ He heard outside sounds, but they were unclear. They sounded like someone was talking with their hand over their mouth. Dylan also remembers sounds like low drums beating. (Heartbeat, maybe?)

“He was sorry that I was sick when he was born. Dylan said the medicine they gave me while in labor made me sick.

“It was, in fact, the anesthesia! The anesthesia made me very sick and I was vomiting for the whole day after having him.

“Dylan said it was very cold when he came out and the bright light burned his eyes. He said that is the reason babies cry at birth.

“Dylan consistently talked about his memories until he was  5 years old.  And today, as a teenager, he still remembers his journey into this world.

“Telling me how he walked with Jesus in the clouds and always thought I was so pretty and that’s one of the reasons he chose me. I love listening to his stories!!!”

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