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My Journey from Heaven to Earth

My Journey from Heaven to Earth

Mandy: I’ve always had these memories. As a tiny child I told those closest to me.

My memory of what I will call “Heaven” is very simple. I was looking down at planet Earth from somewhere that felt like Home. I can’t remember seeing anything around me. I was far enough from Earth that I could see the whole planet, but near enough to see the oceans and the landmasses. I was very aware that that was where I would be going.

There was somebody just to my left, a loving and authoritative figure, and I’ve always felt it was God. He felt higher as if I were sitting and he was standing. He was talking to me without words. He told me, “You are about to be born on earth.”

I understood what he meant as though I had done this before.

It was like a briefing, but done with sensitivity and love. I felt I was leaving for a mission.

I asked, “What do I have to do?”

He said, “You will know when you find it.”

As a toddler and for many years after, I would lie in my bed and place the palm of my hand against the cold wall (no central heating then). I did this because I didn’t feel properly locked into my body, as if a door had been left ajar. I didn’t mind the cold wall against my hand because it made me feel grounded and more at one with my body and planet Earth.

I am 47 now and through many life experiences, many of which are spiritual stories of their own, I am growing spirituality and know that one day I will be going back there, back Home.

Kirk: I was in this super bright room that seemed endless. There was a voice talking. I told him I wanted to be born around this time and said I wanted this lady to be my mother.

He told me that it was going to be tough growing up during that time with her.

I agreed because I wanted to be put to the test and be born as a male. I was born in 1989.

James: I recall being in a great light white area surrounded by what I will call baby souls. We were waiting in line to go down to our parents.

The larger soul next to me reminded me as I was ready to ‘pop’ down to Earth, “You will not be living your life with the mother you were looking at, but I promise that you will be very happy with where you are ultimately going.”

I felt very sad. I jumped down after he tapped me on the right shoulder.

I went down fully knowing I wasn’t going to remain with the lady who gave birth to me.

I am adopted and I knew before my birth that I was going to be with another set of parents.

LeaAnn: I remember coming down through a tunnel of colors, like a rainbow of colors.

Within seconds of reaching the base of the tunnel, I was taken back up through the rainbow of colors, back to what felt like home or love.

Then again, I was taken back down through the tunnel.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my mother told me that I had been stillborn, then revived.

Tom: When I was 2 or 3, I would randomly speak about my prebirth memories.

I told Mom: “I was watching you and I knew you were going to be my mother. I was with Jesus in the corner of the kitchen. I saw you and a mean man yelling at my older brother and sister.

“I asked Jesus, ‘Is he going to be my father?’ and he replied, ‘No, I am going to make him go away and you will have a different father.’”

As it turned out, my mother had 2 children in an abusive first marriage. Mom remarried and I am the only one of my siblings with a different father.


I recall the special process, or divine infusion.

I recall the special process, or divine infusion.

Lorenzo Caravella:

“I cannot pinpoint when my soul entered my mother’s womb; however, I recall the special process, or divine infusion, that took place as my soul infused with the “matter body” or “matter-being” [the fetus] in the womb. The connection was made in the initial spark of self-love. We cannot be born without self-love, without self-acceptance.

“The soul has a contract with the matter being, i.e., the union of egg and sperm, so that it can fulfill its life’s lessons in that particular body. The soul brings parallel life memory and karma on the soul level with it; the ‘matter-being’ [physical body] brings genetic memory and karma on the physical level with it.”

Lorenzo is the author of Mouth of God, Your Cosmic Contract.
Read the rest of Lorenzo’s memories in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth by authors Elizabeth and Neil Carman, PhD

Was your birth a conscious choice?

Was your birth a conscious choice?

The soul’s journey to find its true nature is the quest of human life.

Throughout the ages, philosophers such as Socrates argued: “We have clear evidence that the soul is immortal.”
Today, the same message is coming from rare people with prebirth memories. Their memories validate the immortality of the soul.

Here are a few examples of prebirth memories:

Candis: I remember my prebirth experience. I remember before I was here. I was in another place. My job as a being was to tend to the people on earth as though I was tending to a flock.

There came a point when I was told, “You must go to earth and inhabit a body!”

I said, “I don’t want to go to earth. I have seen what is going on there and I do not want to be a part of it!”

“Don’t worry. One day you will return home.”

The next thing I knew I was inside of my mother. I felt very apprehensive. The voice said, “Whenever you are afraid, remember this sound (my mother’s heart beat). It is a reminder that you will return home and all is well.”

My mother later informed me, “When you were born, you came shooting out without any assistance from me or anyone else. I caught you by your cord and lowered you to the floor from my hospital bed so that you would not get hurt.”

When I was 2, I recall sitting on the back steps of my neighbor’s house crying and begging, “I want to go home now!”

The voice said, “You are in the world, but you are not of this world. I will seal you so that nothing that happens in this world will ever touch you and you will return to me.”

I barely spoke after that. I became like wall paper in my own life. I was a part of it, but no one really saw me.

I have always had an insight into the future from early childhood. People were drawn to me and often said that a light surrounds me. In my late teens, people described the light as thick like molasses and when you came close it would consume you.

One day when I was in my teens, I quit college, quit my job, cut off all of my hair, and committed my life to becoming a missionary. My mission was to spread a simple message, “God is Love.”

I could not understand why everyone did not understand that we are here to spread love. That time was the best and scariest time of my life. I had become so in tuned with my purpose that people sought me out and a whole lot of strange things occurred that frightened me.

One of the strangest things is that people wanted to touch me believing the light around me would transfer to them. People followed me seeking prayers, healing, and answers to distressing life questions.

By my early twenties, this became overwhelming. I was bombarded everywhere I went. Eventually I began to hide because it was too much. I tried to stop my visions and spoke less and less about things I knew and understood about the world. Because of this my dream life became more vivid and left me disoriented. Unable to distinguish from the dream and this reality.

I had many near death experiences where I would have a vision of my deceased grandmother. One time she told me, “You cannot leave due to the situation you are experiencing. The repercussions would be too far reaching.”

After I had my first two children, I had visions of walking through a wooded area to a river where I met women who had gone on before me and were waiting for me. I sat with them and they imparted wisdom about the world and the hereafter. I carried this wisdom into my waking life.

A few years ago I stopped hiding and now work within my purpose. I create art that encourages people to look deeper into themselves and this life. It has become commonplace that when I showcase my work at various art events, I end up embracing someone who is crying because they have received a revelation about their way forward through my work and our conversation. The response has been a bit odd but I am enjoying every minute of it.

It has been easy and extremely hard living this life while simultaneously remembering and interacting with my other life. It’s like I live in two worlds. Each of them are real. In one, I am limitless. In the other, I am confined to a vessel designed to protect my essence.

Bev: My soul journey began at Source. I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light. I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star.

I clearly remember stars whizzing by, but there was no sensation of movement as we know it as humans. There was no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat. You just were. . . . pure energy . . . surrounded by comfort and ease. . . . wonderful. I haven’t a clue as to “when” that was. There was no time associated with that because there was no space. Space did not mean anything. You just were.

Diane: All my life I’ve remembered having an important conversation before I was born. I asked my mom about it as soon as I could talk. Mom didn’t know what I was talking about.

I can’t remember what the conversation involved, but I know it was important [“soul contract”]. I’ve spent my whole life trying to remember. I’m still hoping one day it will come to me.

Sonia: I remember before my birth. Like only a few minutes before my birth. I felt like I was floating in this huge expanse wrapped up in complete and utter love and peace. I haven’t felt that again but one more time since being here.

The voice next to me said, “It’s your time.” I felt extremely excited. I was so ready.

I remember small bits of my young childhood. I remember seeing my mom getting the stroller out to walk and I felt so excited because I loved that.

It took years to use my voice to talk (sometimes I still forget). I assume people know what I am thinking and my sentences don’t make sense because I only partially spoke what I want to say. I remember knowing the thoughts of others and when we didn’t need to verbalize. So much easier.

I remember floating to play with other children. So much fun. It all stopped after I was 3.

We are born with a knowing and using intuition as our guide. I don’t hear voices or have help from beyond. It is up to me, but I always knew that God existed and I knew I loved him.


Past Lives: Are they Real?

Past Lives: Are they Real?

Most people forget life before birth and entering their mother’s womb. Birth is analogous to watching a movie and becoming identified with one of the characters. We become immersed in our own Hollywood drama. Physical embodiment and social conditioning cause us to believe that sensory perception is the only reality.

Unlike the vast majority, there is an invisible tribe in the world—people who have grown up with past life memories . . .

James: I have multiple past life memories. I wonder why they haven’t faded? I also have a birth mark on my neck where shrapnel tore away my neck and I died in the Korean War (verifying my memory).

John: I’m 54. As a child, I knew that I lived before and was forced to come back—”To learn.” I always knew death is total peace and understanding. Everything is OK. I can recall the first time hearing about reincarnation as a very young child. I was shocked that everyone didn’t know about it.

Bev: I was born with memories that made no sense throughout childhood.

I remembered being a warrior.

I dreamed that I was a Persian girl and woke up feeling stunned that I was a little girl in a white body. I thought, “This is weird! Why am I female and Anglo? I am used to being dark. I have always been dark, and so it makes no sense. Why am I in this life? I am so confused!”

Memories were brewing in my super conscious mind, nagging at me, poking at me. I can tell countless stories of lying in bed and feeling frustrated that I had no servants: “Don’t they know I am the queen? They are supposed to bring me what I want!”

I thought, “Why do I feel that way?” I was aggravated that nobody knew who I was. I was ticked-off.

And I did not know how to express it.

Cris: When my son Leon was born, I had the feeling I had known him before. Fast forward to when Leon was 3. He was playing with his blocks, looked up at me, laughed, and said, “Remember when I was your dad?”

He giggled and winked at me (toddlers don’t typically wink). He never said another word about it.

Leon is 18 now and hasn’t memories of this and thinks I’m crazy.

Angela: When my son was just under 3, he began speaking about a past life where he might have had a sister. When only a few words into his memory, he began to speak as if he were nearer 4 or 5 years old and sounded upset and anxious saying, “Papa, Papa coming down the stairs” and at that point he seemed near tears.

I brought a close to the memory by reassuring him, “You are okay now. That is over and you are with me now and safe.”

He immediately relaxed and went back to speaking as he normally did.

A few days later I asked him a question about “Papa Papa” and he had no recollection, so I knew he has been able to move on. I am so glad Leon was able to let go of that so it wouldn’t haunt him later.

Renee: When my 17-year-old grandson was 2 and 3, he absolutely loved the Dixie Chicks song “Traveling Soldier.” He would sit quietly (which was highly unusual) in his car seat and beg to hear it over and over. After the umpteenth time of hearing it, I asked him what he liked about the song so much.

He answered, “I was there!” Blew me away.

Over the years, I’ve remembered this as I’ve watched him grow into a young man. He has a different mind set than most of his peers, and always has. He is fascinated with weapons and hunting, but absolutely hates anything resembling the military. He’s a dead-eye shot, but prefers targets, especially if he can beat his family or friends in a competition.

I grew up an Air Force brat, and my father was a trainer for fighter pilots after leaving the astronaut training program. He was career military, just short of making the rank of major when he resigned suddenly. Our house was often full of his students. Young men who went to fly the bombing missions in Viet Nam and who did not come back. I remember some of them still.

Years later when I was 30 years old, Dad admitted that he resigned his commission in protest of the Viet Nam war. He said, “I was ready to fight and die to protect my country. But I didn’t see how bombing rice paddies 10,000 miles away does that.”

I wonder now if my grandson is one of those lost pilots who became so close with our family before ‘Nam’.

Did your soul ask to be born or did you have no choice?

Did your soul ask to be born or did you have no choice?

Did your soul’s journey began before birth, or even before conception?

Did your soul ask to be born or did you have no choice?

Who are you? Where did you come from?

We have interviewed children and adults who “naturally” remember birth, womb-time, conception. In fact, some memories go back to before conception, before identifying with a physical body. They remember existing as pure soul!

It is natural to be skeptical about prebirth memories. Indeed our educational systems have taught us that we need a physical brain and body in order to think, experience anything, or even exist.

In addition, even though everyone goes through a prebirth planning process, in most cases, memories are wiped out just before birth.

Yet, for whatever reason, the “veil is lifted” for a minority. In some of these cases, children retain memories til the age of 7 or so. Even fewer retain them into adulthood.

Here are a few examples:

Lia: I recall life before birth. I was in a otherworldly city with tall buildings. The material was cloud-like.

We were not overly emotional there. We felt we could solve all problems with math. We could look at every scenario and solve it even if you chose a life where it was horrible.

This memory came to me as a vision when I was 3 years old. I know my age because it happened before my grandfather died when I was 4.

We were able to choose what world we would go to, earth being one of the worst or hardest. When it came time to leave our spiritual world, we previewed different earthly lives that we could choose. We stuck our head in the clouds and like a movie reel came through, each square was a complete life from beginning to end.

There was a lot of us energy or souls coming to earth. When we chose our lives, holy or divine beings standing behind us told us, “You will not remember anything about where you came from.”

I said. “Yes, I will!”

They said, “No, you cannot.”

I said, “Well, I’m taking this moment right here right now with me…whether you like it or not.”

Then we started traveling thru all of our wormholes. sudden we started having overwhelming feelings like fear, excitement, sadness, worry, happiness.

Then, boom! I was in the womb. I immediately felt regret for coming. I felt panic. I was losing myself. I was losing my memory and intelligence and felt so much fear. I can only imagine what a person with Alzheimer’s feels like.

I thought, “I’m becoming stupid. I’m forgetting.”

Then, boom! I was born. I saw the doctor. Coming out was painful. It hurt so bad. my lungs hurt and burned with the first breath just like when you run hard for so long.

I have predicted births, deaths, events. When I was a child, I thought everyone was able to have this ability. When I became a teen, I was in fear of my gift. I pushed it aside, but it came back stronger than ever.

I finally realized it was my memory.

I have many stories that I don’t share because most people would think I am crazy.

Bonnie: I am 68 years old. I remember being born. Many friends and siblings have dismissed my memories as fiction. I have forgotten some specific details over time, but retain the essence of the event.

I remember being in a warm dark place. Then something was pushing me. I was being squeezed very hard and felt like I was being crushed.

Then everything stopped and I was not moving anymore.

After some time, the crushing stopped and I felt cold and a bright light was above me. I saw a doctor with a shiny disk on his head.

This fits with the fact that my mother had a difficult birth with me and almost died.

Jorge: These memories are true folks. When I was a child, they were more vivid and clear; they have become clouded over after 55 years.

I recall being in a line of others waiting to be incarnated. No one wanted to go because they didn’t want to leave. But we understood this was more of a “duty” or mission that needed to be fulfilled in order to be closer to God once the mission was complete. I was assured by God that He would always be with me.

I was given the choice of a very wealthy family or a lower, middle class family. I chose the lower, middle class family because there was going to be substantially more to learn with that choice.

I looked down and saw my parents and their home. When I acknowledged being ready, I heard “applause” and celebration.

In an instant, I was struggling in fluid being born.

These memories stayed with me after being born. I was frustrated that I had no way to communicate it as an infant.

Last Trip to Earth

Last Trip to Earth

Brian: Before I came back to Earth, I remember being in a huge, white marble building. Two angels with bright, glowing faces escorted me to a large, thick, heavy BOOK sitting atop a marble bookstand/podium. This BOOK was the feature of the whole room.

The angels explained, ‘This BOOK contains all the written wisdom of ALL LIFE.”

The pages turned without any hands touching it. The BOOK itself was alive.

I was taken from there, out from the Heavenly City, to an area in space located just outside of Earth. I was floating out in the Universe/Heaven in the form of a light sphere. The view of Earth was amazing and beautiful.

I was with thousands of souls, spheres of light, lined up’ for birth ~ like lining up to get on a roller coaster ride. Some could not wait to dive in, but I was anxious to back out and stay off the ride. We all communicated telepathically. There was no way to hide how any of us felt internally.

While I was in line, my angels advised, “You have done very well up to now, but you have more to learn. You must return to Earth for one last time. You have a choice between two potential mothers. One mother is in Australia and the other is in Africa.”

I would like to share what I saw heard and felt when my guardian angel brought me down to the home of an Australian family. I was shown a woman struggling with her alcoholic, controlling, violent husband. I witnessed her being assaulted in the kitchen.

Next I was taken to the bathroom where two children were running a bath. They were petrified saying, “Just get in the bath so we don’t get into trouble.”

I felt their fear.

I was then taken back into the living room. I felt this lady’s nature. I had a knowing, “This is a great lady!”

I said, “I want this lady to be my mom!”

I was conceived that night. The next thing I knew, I was placed in my mom’s womb…..

Jasmine: I remember before being born. I remember that golden/light realm and its different levels.

I also saw my Mum with my siblings before I was born. I decided to be born into that family at the time.

When I was in the womb, I remember looking out of Mum’s body and watching people move around us and sensing their emotions. During wombtime, I also had flashes of past lives (not on earth).

I’ve been very in tune since young and a little psychic and empathic. As a child, I knew of other dimensions and the existence of other beings, etc. I’ve had extremely spiritual dreams and also dreams of other entities.

I definitely chose a challenging life/childhood, but I’m grateful for my experiences that were hard and traumatic. That put me on the path of compassion at a very young age, and towards awakening more and more. I love this journey. So much to learn and wonder about.

I’ve only told my husband and since then I’ve come across more people sharing this same experience.

Sylvia: I don’t remember coming from the light, but I always “knew,” even as a small child, that this is where I was before.

When I was a child, I often lamented, “Mom, I want to be back ‘there’ so bad! I talked about going back ‘there’, wherever that was!”

This could have been a “made-up” world, but it felt too real, so vivid. It was so beautiful, just pure nature, with a clear sparkling lake, trees, and most of all the feeling of peace everywhere. I mourned for it so much. I still want to be there again. I’m waiting to return.

Lumi: It is almost impossible to describe my prebirth memory. I was with others in a pure love suspension and excited about this life we were going to experience.

I remember choosing my parents. I remember being around my parents as they were courting and in love. One day, I validated my memory to my dad. I had my dad write down around a time of day, what lake, what color the rowboat was, the colors of the water lilies growing, etc.

I too wrote down my memories.

When we compared notes, they all matched up.

Claire: I remember when my mom could understand me telepathically. But later as a baby, it frustrated me when she couldn’t understand me anymore.

For example, I remember Mom teaching me to walk. I tried to communicate telepathically, “Come over and pick me up.”
However, Mom couldn’t understand and kept encouraging me, “Stand up and walk to me.”

I felt frustrated. I figured, “If I have the thought of where I want to go, I will be there, without effort.”

In my mind’s eye, I remembered a place where everything was white, or light. There were no physical burdens. It was frustrating to need to learn how to move my physical body and to speak words. Once I learned how to walk and talk, the frustration mostly went away, but I’ve always remembered that moment when Mom was teaching me to walk.

Deb: I remember the moments right after birth – being inside my “skin suit” looking at people, and wondering, “How on Earth do I use this silly vehicle [the body)?”

It was awkward, and people were making noises, and I knew that was their language and I was going to have to learn it. That was such a frustrating time.

I remember my soul’s journey from Source

Diane: I remember Source. It was the most amazing bright light. Source doesn’t have the same edges as we have here when we are in a body. It has a definition, but the edges are very different. I remember the immense radiance and the specific colors. And when you are in that place of that light, it is all encompassing; it is everything.

The love at Source is so pure and strong; we think it will be the same when we get down here. I have kept that memory lively; I go back to that when I do my healing work. I go back to that memory of All That Is, All That Is One, and the Source of All of us.

Lania: Why did my mother physically and emotionally abuse me?

The answer depends upon how you view being physical. If you see life as being real, it makes no sense. However, if you recognize life as an illusion – like a movie that you create and then step into – it makes perfect sense. From that perspective, these were things that I had set up before I came into this body. I set up the hurdles that I needed to jump over in order to learn how to validate myself, trust others, speak out, and know that I was only responsible for myself. I wanted to come back to Truth.

Nan: I observed, as if looking down through a glass ceiling, the lovemaking of a woman and her husband, who arrived home for lunch wanting sex without contraception.

Going with the flow, I leaped at the chance to be born. As an adult, I asked my mother if my conception occurred at lunch in the bathroom. My mother confirmed every detail with great anger and embarrassment.

Why did you choose your parents?

Why did you choose your parents?

Krystle: I wholeheartedly believe I chose my parents and life-path before birth.

I remember being with another soul. We both knew we’d be females in this lifetime. We had to decide who got which set of two parents presented to us:

1. One path would be born into a loving, wealthy African American family.

2. The other path was birth into a poor white, broken family

I chose the second option because my soul needed the challenge of overcoming hardships.

I guess my previous lives had been “too easy”!?

My soul is content with the challenges I’ve faced in this lifetime. Although growing up with drug and alcohol addicted parents, overcoming poverty, and battling financial hardships have been hard lessons. Yet I feel like it’s been worth it.

Fun fact. The other soul that was with me and chose the wealthy African American is a female athlete in this lifetime. I can feel it.

Dylan: I remember looking down on earth and seeing choices for my upcoming life.

I was scanning thru a portal at a woman giving birth to a baby.

A strong higher being asked me with a feeling of disappointment, “Have you made your choice?”

I felt rushed to come back and do things right. I saw my parents gaze at each other, looking strong, beautiful, and happy. I looked no further and picked them.

I feel like I chose almost at random compared to how much time I had to choose.

I remember nothing before choosing my parents. My next memories start after I am about 4 years old.

Paul: I am 48 years old. I was happy to find a site for this specific topic and more.

I remember having a choice of whom I wanted to be my father before entering this world. I got to choose from three different men.

As soon as I could talk, I told my father about this vivid experience.

At first, he thought I was pulling his leg, but as time went on we continued to talk this over. As Dad got older, his views changed and became more open-minded.

I shared this with close friends only. Without a doubt, this has been imprinted in my memory.

Find out more about memories of choosing parents, spiritual existence before coming to earth. Over 100 stories from people we interviewed as well as reports from 108 cultures.

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Prebirth memories not only make for interesting stories, these abilities will change the boundaries of medical and psychological research, and even more importantly, change our understanding of who and what we are.


The Sun is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe.

The Sun is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe.

The Sun is a portal.

It is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe. It is an exit point when we journey from Earth at the time of death. It is the entry point to Earth when our soul arrives for human birth.

We illustrate here with 2 examples.

First, the spiritual vision of Janice.

Janice: I am an Empath and have always been.
I FEEL ENERGY even during a phone conversation.
Thoughts and emotions are overwhelming for me when I’m in someone’s presence.

Children are my passion! They know how to live. I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and a great granddaughter on the way.

I would rather be sitting in the middle of a bunch of children anytime than with the adults. Children move me the most. They are our future and we must guide them well. Love them more than they can IMAGINE.

The child in me has always KNOWN that I was on a mission: Being Love. Being Light. Helping others with no expectations. Being present in the moment, responding to help others with no fear.

On the other hand, I knew no one else like me. I didn’t fit in. I never did. I knew that I was different. All my life, the adults were trying to change me. I could not conform to their idea of who I was supposed to be. How I saw and viewed the world was different from everyone else.

Even though I knew there was nothing wrong with me, sometimes I became TIRED—TIRED OF SEARCHING for the Truth of Life. One night about 25 years ago, I asked God to show me the Truth. I had searched every religion and nothing fit. I was sobbing my soul out.
and felt like just leaving the planet. Just leaving my body. But I did not want to leave this planet without knowing the truth.


God answered my prayer. I’m crying here, feeling powerful emotions in rememberance of the profound validation that I was given.

I was gifted with a special vision. This was a vision of my future—I had finished this life and had left this planet.

I went straight to the Sun. I went through the Sun. It was not hot, rather the Sun is a Portal of Glowing Golden Light.

As I came through the portal, there was some kind of a rim. I was tired and stumbled a bit as I stepped over the rim.

Inside was this beautiful world and my mother and father—my parents in this lifetime—were there waiting for me with open arms.

I gasped and told them, “I made it. I did it!”

All I felt was Love and the Vision ended. I knew then that I would succeed and return Home. At Peace.

And I was just a little girl in that vision.

The morning after my vision, the Door Opened and Opened Wide.

I stepped out with no fear and my life changed completely.
I was guided to my roots: Cherokee. I studied with the Great Great Grandson of Geronimo, an Apache Holy Woman, and a Seneca Medicine Man. I met Indigious Medicine People from all over the world. I was guided every step of the way.

I am so thankful and grateful to be alive, awake, and aware at this Time on the Planet!

Second example is from a great spiritual master from India:

Each time we descend to earth and are born in the womb of our mothers, we carry awareness of our soul’s journey. Or so claimed, the Indian guru and physician Thakur Anukulchandra (1888—1969), based upon his prebirth memories.

Here are all the details. Thakur:

I recall how a prime point let itself explode into millions of hyper atoms. Each hyper atom then burst into millions of supra-hyper atoms resulting in an uncut indivisible physically inconceivable point. I witnessed that ultimate point – the Cosmic Soul – create an infinity of beings out of itself like thousands of sparks coming from a fire. The souls were destined to live through a series of lives so long as they remained subject to the illusion of personal individuality.

From the beginning of Creation until my present life, my ego passed through various phases prior to being encaged in a living body, last of all human.

My chain of human births include a cobbler, prince, and spiritual seeker.

In the gap between each death and rebirth, I felt empathy for family members whom I watched grieving for me.

I dwelled in an undefined higher region prior to my present life. My journey to Earth involved traveling through a yet undiscovered system of celestial constellations.

I traversed a vast distance in space, passing through 44,000 planets. While our planets rotate around the Sun, I observed that lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of suns rotate around a bigger sun.

I also proceeded through a former planet that had split into pieces, and observed a planetary system yet to be discovered by science.

Still fresh in my memory is the strange behavior of a unique constellation – a central star surrounded by four other stars. The four stars appeared red when they approached the central star and turned blue when they moved away through a principle known to science as the Doppler Effect.

En route to Earth, I stopped at various planets where celestial beings welcomed me with a grand ovation. Each planet had unique life forms suited to their atmospheres, unlike any found on Earth. I felt a pang of separation as the planetary beings chanted hymns in my praise as I departed from their planet.

I finally arrived in our solar system by coming through a ray of light and descending into the Sun. I was not burnt to ashes. The Sun’s interior is very cold, the heat is on its surface.

Just think, I descend from inside the sun by a track. If one takes the track from here, would see pitch darkness just on the left and on the right, not right, rather diagonally he would see light only. He would witness 44,000 planets on the way, one of which is split into pieces.

There is life before birth and after death.

There is life before birth and after death.

Kathy: “My prebirth memory is strong.

I remember it flawlessly.

This memory is the one comfort that I can come back to. It is a gift from God. I may get frustrated and upset when I see the horrors mankind is capable of, or I may feel grief at the loss of fourteen family members and loved ones in the last two years, yet this powerful memory has given me peace and insights into the mysteries of life.

I know that there is life before birth and after death. Death is like an awakening from a dream. I have no fear of death and this allows me to live more freely.

My memory is more real than anything else and has shaped me into who I am. Explaining it is another story.

How can one explain something that has no comparison in this world? My very first memory is of being in space above earth. I was a soul without a body. I was part of the All That Is, yet I was still uniquely me.

In this state, there was a peace that does not exist on planet Earth. I felt the presence of my heart and my mind, those things that make me me. I could see, with my mind’s eye, 360 degrees around me at once. I enjoyed calm like I have never felt since.

I was connected to everything and everything was a part of me. I could pinpoint where there was pain and where there was joy. If there was sadness, I would know it. Joy, I would know that too. I just needed to put my attention on something and all the information learned by the “Whole” would be mine. I knew it could be as complicated or as simple as I chose to make it. I thought, “Simple is better.”

Suddenly, I began to come together, as if every cell in my body came from every direction, from the deep reaches of space, racing toward my being, creating a tingling sensation like billions of tiny bubbles coming together.

Prior to this, I was not in a position to physically feel. My hands now pressed against my thighs, and I felt my skin. I felt constricted in this form. I could no longer see all around me, although my heart and mind and soul were still connected to everything else. I assured myself, “It’s okay. This is just a different form of being.”

As I floated there, I looked down at this stunning planet, a beautiful gem in the universe. The brightness of the blue against that inky blackness of space was incredible. Even with similar planets in the universe, Earth was a prime piece of real estate.

I wanted to take the planet into my arms and take care of all humanity. I also wanted to protect it because it seemed so fragile.

Then pretty quickly, I began to experience dread because I knew where I was going. It was not going to be easy. At any rate, I volunteered: something I have cussed myself for during moments of frustration.

I knew that dying would be like this feeling, and I have yet to fear death. We are all here to learn and grow. I had agreed to come to this planet. I had a sense of purpose and duty. As if finally accepting what I had come to do, I began very gently to descend, back first, toward this beautiful blue planet. …

Steppen: I remember looking down at an image of earth. This memory surfaced 10 years ago. I have no idea where it came from, but the visuals have a familiar feel to them. I’ve only told one person because I thought maybe my mind was making it up.
I didn’t want to come here. I feared that I would never “wake up” or remember who I truly was because of all the illusions collected over my lifetime.

I was told that it was necessary and that my guides would keep me on track. That helped to reassure me.

Jenny: I have always known that earth is not my real home, even before I could talk. In fact, I struggled with being here, I spent most of my life withdrawn and depressed.

Several times I begged to go home. It was an extremely lonely feeling. Like being awake while everyone around me is sleeping.

When I was 8 years old, I had an OBE while on a car ride through the countryside. I found myself in a void or space looking at Earth. I had no body, only my conscious awareness.

A spiritual being told me telepathically, “Time is an Illusion, and Earth is an Illusion with a Purpose. Respect IT.”

I knew it was truth, more true than anything I’ve ever known here. It was strange. Earthly reality is like a dream compared to the awareness I felt in the OBE.

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