Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that!

Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that!

Dennis: Prebirth memories have been with me my entire life. I always felt homesick, the feeling of knowing I had had to leave wherever I was before birth and come to earth.

My memories go back to floating alongside a wise guide and observing the earth. I heard the “pleas” coming from people on earth who needed help!

I said, “These people can help themselves!”
It was like “if they only knew what happens after death they would be happier and live there lives different” type feeling, it felt like the pleas were happening in real-time just before I was born.

My guide said, “Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that. Every human on this planet needs to know something very important before they can ascend completely.”

“Why don’t you just send someone to earth who remembers this place, and he can tell everyone?”

“They have attempted that. Humans cannot fully believe the word of one man.”

I did not want to come. I was forced here to learn a lesson.

My guide gave me a choice of a hard or easy life. The harder the life, the more growth my soul would make.

By choosing a hard life, my guide and I were aware of the implications and consequences: there was a real possibility of failing.

So, I refused to choose.

“I will be homesick. I do not want to leave”

“It will only be for 60 to 70 years. When you sleep, you can visit ‘home.’”

My Guide showed me my parents at their wedding. I remember a drunken uncle falling into the wedding cake (verified years later).

When my guides were showing me my future, that future was like forecasting weather, very accurate in the near future, but things are less set in stone the farther out you look.

My guides said there’s some type of “fork in the road” moment for humanity and I believe that’s coming very soon. I had this strange feeling right before covid hit and I told my sister, “something big is coming in the world!”

Then 2 months later covid got mentioned on TV for the first time. Covid-Ukraine— these are going to be precursors to some event. I can feel it in a strange way that I was put here to experience it.

Charlie: A group of advanced guides said to me, (telepathy) “Hurry up, its your turn. This is the last chance!”

I wanted to wait more, but I had to go.

My guides were surrounding a type of floating sphere. I reluctantly obeyed and went to them.

I looked down and remember the feeling of the word “mother.”
I thought, “Oh, this is sad. But I have to do this to get where I ultimately want to be.”

I felt okay with it. I knew this was one of many times, and hopefully this time would be better. Then I went fast via light—like being downloaded (probably to my body).

I have complete conscious awareness of infancy and knew that I could not walk or talk yet.

One time I was in my crib and I was wet and cold. I had to get the attention of my parents who were still strangers that I had to get to know.

I forced myself to cry. When Dad came into my room, I thought, “Oh, no! I wanted the other one. She knows what to do better!”

Dad merely came in and rubbed my head. I thought, “If you would only change my diaper, I would go right back to sleep!”

We have many lives. How else could I as an infant have fully formed adult-type thinking? I was under 8 months old when that happened. I confirmed my memory with Dad when I was 4. I described my bedroom as an infant. Dad was astounded. We had moved out of that home when I was 8 months old. I had never seen pictures of it.

Angela: I was excited to be born here. My guides and I were discussing my birth plan. Then they urged me to go immediately.

I didn’t know what I was diving into. It was like I jumped into a hole that seemed too small and when I came out on the other side, I was descending onto the earth. And it was beautiful. I was excited to get started and see more of the world.

Before birth, I chose my rate of suffering!

Before birth, I chose my rate of suffering!

Marcus: I have had these memories since I was child. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while. I have always felt like I was the only one who had witnessed the entrance of life through a portal warp hole. It blows my mind every time I think about it.

So here’s what I remember:

I remember being around a table like portal-type thing with a few light beings dressed in robes. This place was amazing. We could feel and hear one another without touching or speaking. We were all talking, but not with lips or words, only with “mind spirit”. We were all there to basically be born: to have an experience, but an experience of suffering.

Some went ahead of me; then it was my turn.

I was asked to choose my rate of suffering. I had 3 options.

1. “slow” rate where bad things happen throughout life.

2. “medium” rate where more than half of my life would be suffering and rest would be less suffering.

3. “fast” meaning that the rate of suffering will hit me the day I’m born at super fast mode and my life will get better faster once I awaken.

I told them, “Just bring it on full force!”

I was born to a 16-year-old girl and my father was 19!

I remember being in the womb. It was a comforting place until it was time to come out. I decided to flip. I don’t think I was ready and I flipped because I got scared. I got tangled up and they almost lost me. Maybe that was the beginning of my suffering.

Being born was very bright and loud. I was very red and my mom said, “You were pissed off.”

My mom was adopted. My adopted grandparents got divorced. The day I was born, Joyce, my mom’s adopted mother, knew my mom needed help, but she kicked us out of the house.

My dad was Native American and began to sell marijuana to help support us. He gave my mom a little money.

Soon after that, my father began selling marijuana to undercover. He got caught and locked up.

Dad passed a week before my first birthday. They say he committed suicide. No one knows why. But in his last letter, he explained that some people in jail were bothering him.

My wonderful adopted grandfather Richard moved my mom and me to a small government assistance town after Dad passed.

When I was 3, my mom had to step out on her own. She moved in with JoAnn, a girlfriend from school. Jo wasn’t a good person. Mom never paid attention to me after that. Jo took advantage of me in a bad way. Jo beat me and poisoned me. She forced me to swallow dish detergent. This went on for 2 years.

I tried to tell Mom, but I couldn’t say it. I became sick and didn’t want to eat. Mom noticed that I was sick, but didn’t know what it was. When I was coming up to my fifth birthday, I was in a state of not wanting to live and not feeling loved.

If it wasn’t for my maternal birth grandmother Laura, I wouldn’t have known anything about churches, Jesus, or spiritual things. Grandma was a spiritual person and taught me to pray to the North Star. Laura really cared. She showed me how to take care of a farm and how to wash dishes.

She was the only woman who tried to step up and help me. So I paid attention to anything she showed me. Every time I stayed with her, I usually went to church. Grandma Laura told me: “If you ever need anything, pray for it and it will come true.”

Grandma Laura and Grandpa Nels were my favorite people. I felt at home with them and loved how they lived on a farmhouse. Grandma Laura didn’t eat meat and was a vegan.

Because of what she taught me, I offered many prayers. One night I offered my prayer on my worst day ever and that’s when I got an answer!

I sent out a prayer to the North Star that had so much meaning. I gave it all up and said, “If this is life, I do not want to live anymore. There is no point. I know what to expect the next day: pain and suffering!

Please take me away!”

Then the “Mother” appeared. She started off as a bright light. Then she came into focus like coming from the sky.

I was scared, but soon an overwhelming energy and light comforted me.

The Mother looked like light shades of light to show figure of face. Golden curls. Many light angels were flying around her. Baby Angels. She seemed to wear a robe or dress. The center of her was very bright. Everything was flowing with energy.

I was told: “Everything will be all right. We will make things better.”

For a week this energy source continued to speak to me and even though I wanted to leave earthly life with them, they said. “It isn’t your time and you are destined to do greatness.”

I was given three miracle wishes. I asked first for the death of my mother’s girlfriend Jo who abused me.

They laughed and said, “It doesn’t work that way.” They weren’t able to take life. They were only able to give life.

I asked for money. They said they couldn’t do that because money wouldn’t solve anything and it is an evil that they don’t associate with – meaning materialistic items.

I asked, “What can I wish for?”

They said: “Love, family, and happiness.”

I said, “I would like a family with three or four kids who love me forever and no matter what with a great wife and a wonderful life.”

They said, “Done!”

I asked, “How will I know?”

They said, “Follow the clues of life.”

That was the last day I was sad.

This energy source held me every time they visited and on the last day I felt my spirit being pulled through the ceiling when they started to ascend, but the ceiling started to feel more solid and I fell back down to my body.

Before birth I had chosen great suffering until I became awakened. After my first spiritual awakening, from the age of 5 on out, the rate of suffering became less intense. Jo who had been abusing me finally got kicked out of my life and things got better with my mom. She paid more attention to me although I still never saw her much since she was always working and I was at a babysitter’s.

In the past every person I got close to eventually died, but when I met my spiritually-gifted wife, things got better. Today we have three children. I’m grateful. Our fourth child, my third son, passed away.

I have had a second spiritual awakening and I’m now on my correct path. I am a Reiki healer and teaching my children as well. I have also been working to figure out my past lives.

Evidence of Life before Birth

Evidence of Life before Birth

Do we choose our parents before birth? Does reincarnation really exist? Is there a prebirth state of consciousness? Is it possible to experience soul communication from the womb and beyond?

Elizabeth and Neil Carman join Sandie Sedgbeer to discuss these questions and share pre-birth memories from children and adults:

Listen in:

Elizabeth and Neil  have spent more than 40 years researching consciousness. Elizabeth is a certified pre and perinatal psychology educator with an honorary PhD for prebirth research. Neil has taught biology and the science of consciousness at the University of Texas, Austin. They are the authors of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.

Cosmic Cradle shares over 100 pre-birth stories from people we interviewed as well as reports from 108 cultures.

Cosmic Cradle is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. Book Depository ships free worldwide.

Little Catcher predicts new baby after Mom’s miscarriage!

Little Catcher predicts new baby after Mom’s miscarriage!

Stacy’s second pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. Stacy: “I stayed cooped up in my room during Mom’s week-long visit. When I drove her  to the airport, my 2 1/2 year old son Catcher sat in the back seat.

“On our way home,  I was not bawling or shaking my shoulders, but I started to lose it and began to tear up.

“Catcher said, ‘Mommy, are you crying because you miss the baby?’

“I was shocked. I said, ‘Yes, Catcher, Mommy is really sad because she misses the baby.’

“He said, ‘Well, the baby’s okay.’

I thought, ‘Well, I’m not!’

“A few months later, Catcher took the TV remote control and playfully placed it on my stomach. I asked, ‘What are you doing?’ He replied, ‘I am touching the baby.’

“I said, ‘Catcher, we talked about this before. Mommy does not have a baby in there anymore.’ He said, ‘Yeah, you do, and it is a girl; it is a different baby!’

“Two days later, a pregnancy test confirmed I was pregnant. Twenty weeks later an ultra-sound accurately determined that I was carrying a baby girl.”

Read the rest of Catcher’s story in our book, Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.

Over 100 prebirth stories from contemporary people such as little Catcher as well as prebirth reports from 108 cultures.

Cosmic Cradle is available in Paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions.

Book Depository ships free worldwide.

It is time to take God out of the closet.

It is time to take God out of the closet.

Beverly: “My soul journey began at Source. I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light.

“I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star. I clearly remember stars whizzing by, but there was no sensation of movement as we know it as humans.

“There was no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat.

“You just were pure energy surrounded by comfort and ease. I haven’t a clue as to when that was.

“There was no time associated with that because there was no space. Space did not mean anything. You just were.”

Read Bev’s memories in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth— her journey from Source and  how she planned her past lives in the heavenly worlds between those lives.

Cosmic Cradle,  Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth shares over 100 stories from people we interviewed such as Beverly as well as reports from 108 cultures describing the time before we came to Earth.

Available in paperback, kindle, and nook editions.

Book Depository ships free worldwide.

Children’s Drawing of the Dimension of Spirit

Children’s Drawing of the Dimension of Spirit

Has your child ever drawn pictures of the time before they came to birth—wombtime, birth, prebirth (e.g., being with God before choosing parents)?

This is a Japanese child’s drawing of God holding a soul (gold ball of light) and asking: “Which mother do you choose?” The other golden spheres of light circling around are waiting to be born. There is a temple structure to the left.

For well over twenty-five years, the soul’s journey to human birth have fascinated us. The result is in 2000 we published Cosmic Cradle, Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth, a 760-page compendium of worldwide information about the nature of the soul through the eyes of diverse cultures. Then in 2013, we published Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth adding new insights and stories about the journeys of the soul.

We have shared stories in our first two books primarily of adults born with prebirth memories. In 2019, we published our third book, Babies Are Cosmic, Signs of Their Secret Intelligence with an emphasis on children who  recall 5 types of memories: birth, womb, conception, preconception, and past life. We also present experimental results and clinical observations of 100 researchers and pioneers from birth psychology, developmental psychology, and medicine illuminating the conscious newborn and baby in the womb.
445 endnotes, 270 bibliographical references, 12 illustrations

I know where I was before I came here!

I know where I was before I came here!

Is it possible to remember a spiritual existence before this earthly incarnation? Some people grew up with these memories intact and shared them with their parents as children.

Tim: “I remember where I was before I was born: I was ‘Home.’ I loved everyone deeply and knew they loved me the same. We are all Souls traveling, coming and going. That place is Home for all of us. I met my Spiritual Guide before birth. I was lying in the grass under a tree in this heavenly world. I was thinking about the thrill of coming into the physical world. I knew without any doubt, that after this life, I would stay back Home for good. I felt a sigh of relief.

“I reflected on past lives like flipping through 3-D images in a Rolodex file. With each blink of my eyes, I saw one life after another: ‘bam, bam, bam.’ I thought, ‘Oh, I remember that,’ or ‘Oh, there’s that possession I missed.’

“I suddenly stood up and told my Guide, ‘I’ll do it.’

“Next thing I knew, I was slammed into Mom’s belly. I felt the physical world—loud gushing sounds, heartbeat, and bowel tones. I yelled, ‘I want to go back; I don’t want to do this again.’ I moved around and jerked. This may be when Mom first felt me kick. I squirmed until a familiar voice said, ‘It is all right. I’m right here.’ I said, ‘Where? I can’t see you.’ My Spirit Guide said, ‘I’ll be right here.’ I calmed down. I trusted him!”

Read Tim’s recollections in our book, Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth. Explore over 100 stories from people we interviewed as well as reports from 108 cultures.

Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth is available in Paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions.

Book Depository ships free worldwide.

“Mommy, I know what God looks like!”

“Mommy, I know what God looks like!”

Seldom do people stop to think that they might be actors who chose a script for the earthly drama.

AN ANCIENT PARABLE from India explains that no soul enters three-dimensional form without a plan. At the time of our creation, each soul decides:

“I choose to be free.” “So be it,” answered the Supreme Voice, who holds us by a shining cord, “but you will experience suffering. Pride will seduce you. And you will know death.”

“I must contend with death to conquer life,” the soul responds. So God loosens the shining cord from our bosom, and we venture forth to make mistakes, suffer the consequences, and thereby grow in strength, wisdom, and stature.

This story encapsulates teachings from Africa, Indonesia, Borneo, North America, Australia, Gnosticism, as well as individuals who are born with memories of their previous existence in Spirit:  selecting parents, children, spouse, lesson plans, spiritual paths, and coordinates birth time with historical events. Human life is a purposeful experience.

Read more! Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth shares over 100 stories from people we interviewed as well as reports from 108 cultures.

Available in paperback, kindle, and nook editions. Book Depository ships free worldwide.

Do we Choose our Parents before Birth?

Do we Choose our Parents before Birth?

Edgar Cayce: “…..As difficult as it may be for us to believe, each soul actually chooses its parents – with one exception. If a soul has abused its gift of free will, then it comes under the strong influence of the Universal Law and is carried along on the force of its past actions into present relationships that it simply must face up to. Of course, no soul is given more than it can handle, not that it won’t suffer, but it won’t be totally lost or destroyed by the burdens of its karma. Generally, however, a soul chooses its parents prior to entering the Earth…”

Edgar Cayce made a strong case by insisting that we choose our families, our parents, and even make agreements, where possible, to choose our spouses and children. This is not to infer that changes in plans will not occur, but we should be aware of the vast amount of planning that is done before our earthly incarnation.

When we are making most of our plans and agreements for our next incarnation, we do not have physical details before us. Instead we have before us relationships to others, to situations, and to those forces which have prepared us.

What are your thoughts? Were your born as the result of random gene-combinations or did you choose parents based upon the lessons you needed to learn? Do you remember your previous existence in Spirit and choosing parents?

If you have a pre-birth memory, contact us and share your story!

Mystical Side of Souls Seeking Birth

Mystical Side of Souls Seeking Birth


Most of us have been taught “myths” about babies, whether they are still in the womb or are newborns. Western culture treats “babies” as pre-human or subhuman creatures not yet equipped with a brain capable of experiencing pain.

But even before conception, unborn children are conscious beings who choose parents. We are receiving more and more reports from parents who receive messages from a child seeking birth as well as children who innocently tell parents how and why they chose them.

There is a realm of Love and Light where unborn children, invisible to “normal” human senses, are waiting in the wings for human birth. The unborn child is a conscious, telepathic being. It sees in 360-degree vision. It can see and sense far more than we think is possible. They can communicate telepathically before conception and while in the womb.

Learn more about Spirit-babies scanning earth to find parents! Listen to this interview with Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Authors of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.

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