“I was an angel before I was a baby.”

"I was an angel before I was a baby." - Cosmic Cradle prebirthJamie’s pre-birth memories are an example of validating the conscious awareness of babies in the womb.

Mara: “My son is six years old and he is always talking about things I actually did when I was pregnant and before his conception.I don’t know what to make out of it.

“Jamie is usually very quiet and then without any warning, he will start talking about it. And in the same way, he will stop talking about it without warning. He consistently tells me the same things over and over without changing the story.

“I stay quiet not knowing how he knows these things.

“Jamie told me he used to hear me crying when he was inside my tummy.  He gets upset when he talks about being in my womb and the different events going on outside.

“I had numerous traumatic events happen before and during the pregnancy, and after his birth.

“My pregnancy was high risk due to all the emotional roller coasters that I was going through.

“Sometimes the words that come out of him are not of a little kid but of an older man…

“For example, when Jamie was only four years old, he was giving me advice when I was having problems with my oldest daughter.

“He advised me to stop arguing that I argue too much and that she will never understand. Then he went back to being a boy and playing with his toys.

“Jamie even tells me that before he was in my tummy, he saw me when I used to go to New York a lot, which is true.  I asked my older children if they coached him and they say, “No, we never said anything about that.”

“Jamie told me that he was angel before he was a baby.

“He said he chose me to be his mother, but his birth dad wasn’t supposed to be his dad.

“Also he said that the little girl couldn’t come with him. I am not sure what he means by that.”


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