Elizabeth Carman – Cosmic Cradle’s lead author


Elizabeth Carman is a certified pre- and perinatal psychology educator, author, and former social worker.

After graduation from Michigan State University with a degree in psychology, Elizabeth did social service work with low income, minority families, and was a caseworker in adoption and foster care.

Elizabeth began researching prebirth experiences  in 1989 with a focus on how women can prepare motherhood, and, at the same time, give birth to happy, smiling babies right from the first breath.

Through interviews with mothers, Elizabeth explored the link between higher consciousness and motherhood/childbirth.

Elizabeth interviewed mothers who took time out for preconception health care, detoxification, meditation, exercise, before conceiving a child. Consequently some mothers transcended pain and gave birth in ecstasy.

Due to their sensitivity, mothers met future children in dreams and telepathic visions. Following birth, some children recalled their birth, womb-time, conception, and even life before conception. Mothers also shared memories of their own journey into this life.

In their newest book, Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth, Elizabeth Carman, PhD, (H) together with her husband, Neil Carman, PhD, have synthesized forty-five years’ worth of research, historical accounts, and firsthand natural experiences of the prebirth realm.

Cosmic Cradle sheds light on how  life in a human body is only part of our experience in a multi-dimensional universe.

The cross-cultural and historical research in Cosmic Cradle traces our journey from the spiritual world to birth via prebirth experiences, memories, and communications.

Stories reveal how we plan our journey to Earth, and how souls make contact with prospective parents.

Cosmic Cradle is filled with wisdom gathered from interviews and information from philosophy, cultural anthropology, history, biographies, religion, poetry, and mythology.

This comprehensive knowledge of prebirth experiences has never been synthesized and compiled before into a single volume.


Elizabeth’s first  book, entitled Cosmic Cradle: Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth, was published in 2000.

Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth - Cosmic CradleIt is a stunning 760-page compilation of pre-birth memories, pre-birth communications, and pre-birth cross-cultural research on 165 cultures and religions from around the globe.

The newly updated and revised edition, Cosmic Cradle: Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth, contains even more incredible stories and research.

The Carmans’ work is truly paradigm-shifting.

Find out for yourself, today!


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