Pre-Birth Agreements

life written out bf birthPre-conception is a mysterious and invisible stage on the highway to birth.

Just as we sense the activities taking place behind the scenes before the stage curtain goes up, preparations occur in another world before a child is conceived.

Life’s development — thought by science to start at biological conception — raises numerous questions and complex issues. Cosmic Cradle answers the following questions:

What happens before our entrance into the mother’s womb? What choices do we make in being conceived? Do we plan birth and choose DNA blueprint and parents?

We seldom stop to ponder that we all may be actors choosing a fascinating script for the colossal stage of life. Religious texts, philosophical treatises, indigenous peoples, visionaries, and pre-conception communications teach that an orderly plan governs our birth at a set time and location to specific parents for a definite purpose. A cosmic contract charts out our course as to when we come on stage along with our script — as if a magical curtain is raised.

The soul previews the coming life before entering the mother’s womb like watching a movie of its planned future. The soul is then drawn to the family that best reflects its needs. The child’s name and destiny have been chosen long before conception. In some cases, the soul does the choosing. From another perspective, a higher power designs our cosmic contract.

Cultures from all over the world describe how we chose the pre-birth agreements before entering this world, including Africa, India, Tibet, Greece, and Native American peoples. Here are a few examples:


Plato (ancient Greece) — A divine guide informs an assembly of souls ready for birth: “No divine guardian shall draw lots for you, but you shall choose your own guardian and destiny.”

Plotinus (3rd century Greece) — Each soul selects its body, parents, birthplace, and circumstances of life. Then, as if a herald were summoning it, “the soul comes down and goes into the appropriate body.”

Judaism — Solomon said: “Now I was a child of parts, and a good soul feel to my lot; nay, rather, being good, I came into a body undefiled.”

Judaism — God explains to an unborn soul how it is to descend into matter, and if the soul obeys the Torah righteously, it will one day return to His Presence. (Tanhuma Pekude)

Rudolf Steiner (20th century Switzerland) — The ego of the unborn and the spiritual hierarchies of the cosmos work hundreds of years preparing the spiritual blueprint for the developing body.

Wang Ch’ung (1st century China) — We receive “a lucky or an unlucky chance” at the moment of conception.

Emily Dickinson (19th century America) –– “The Soul selects her own Society, Then shuts the Door; On her divine Majority Obtrude no more.”

Native American –– Canadian Dakota medicine men and women chose Native American parents because they preferred Indian customs over those of the white culture.

Africa — A Yoruba legend recounts the story of children who “deliberated” about whether human life might be better than Heaven. The wise ones instructed: “Before you settle down on Earth, you must go to the place where guardians are created and select your protector.”

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